How to Run a Laundromat Absentee

by Rob Dunfey

You can live anywhere and buy laundromats anywhere.  Right now, I write this article while on vacation in Europe for four weeks. Meanwhile, my laundromat is fully absentee and bringing in record revenue. It is a misconception that cash-based businesses need an owner-operator. Any owner can find others for fixing machines, collecting money, and refilling change machines.

Many find the laundromat industry attractive because of the absentee-nature. They are let-down when they purchase one. They realize they don’t trust their workers and end up becoming employed there.

This is where they need an operations system.

Do you want to be able to travel as a laundromat owner? Here’s how not to be tied down by anything for your coin laundry:

There is very little information available online about how to run a laundromat absentee. There are three components that are essential to running a laundromat absentee: 1. Camera system 2. Employees 3. Cash and inventory system

10838831_321600568048194_412930414_nCamera System.

Every absentee owner needs eyes on their laundromat 24/7. Cameras should be set up to see every corner of the laundry. Cameras should face all cash storage locations and entry doors. Door cameras will provide the clearest facial recognition.

A camera system should have the capability to be viewed on smart phones and any computer. Most new camera packages should have this capability. Laundromat internet service is a must for this to work.


Designate one employee as manager. This person should be held responsible for managing schedules and making sure there is always someone at the laundromat. If no one has been granted the authority, you will find yourself working as the manager.

Every task in the laundromat must be outsourced- cleaning, fixing machines, delivering supplies, and picking up dry cleaning or wash and fold!

Use the contact form on my website for info on my absentee laundromat consulting sessions.

Key system:

Lastly, cash and inventory. Here is the biggest thing: You must keep key copies on-site to your washers, dryers, change machine, storage rooms, and even safe (yes, safe). This includes coin collections and paying contractors. Most owners do not feel comfortable handing over the keys to cash.
The only way to run absentee is to outsource this.

As a laundry owner you will have many keys, so each key should be labeled with a number. You will keep an inventory sheet on your phone and computer with what each key goes to. The result is any problem can instantly be fixed regardless of where the owner is.

These keys will be kept in a secure box accessed on-demand by temporary codes. If the change machine goes empty, attendants can call and get a temporary code as you watch them fix the issue on your phone. I can provide you with more information on where to get these boxes during my absentee laundromat consulting sessions.

The key system solves:
-Weekly coin collection
-Jammed coin slots on washers and dryers
-Empty change machines

Inventory should be taken twice by each employee (upon arrival and departure). On the afternoon shift, the afternoon employee will verify the outgoing employee’s count of products and cash in the drawer. When cash exceeds a certain amount, your will advise them to put the excess cash into a drop safe. All drop safe deposits should be called in and watched.


Money Handling

There are two options for bringing money to the back. Employees can bring to the bank or you can hire a armed transit service. I can provide you with more information on these services during absentee laundromat consulting sessions.


Live Anywhere, Buy Laundromats Anywhere.

Laundromats can be managed from anywhere.  You can live in a different state or country!  It doesn’t matter if the laundromat is in a bad neighborhood. You also don’t need a card system!  Any laundromat can be managed absentee!


Use the contact form on my website for info on my absentee laundromat consulting sessions.

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