The Lean Start Up Blueprint

List of resources for a lean start up:


Use Expensify (free) and the app to save receipts on smart phone and automatically create receipt if less than $75.

Use Freshbooks (free version) or Quickbooks online ($13/month) so you don’t need waste time with transferring copies

Hire an accountant on Odesk for $3/hour for entering transactions into register (save thousands.. $3/hr versus $150/hour)

Only quarterly,for tax payment, hire a US-based accountant $50-150/hour to check the work of your $3/hr outsourcer.


RingCentral- From $20- Get a PBX phone system.. “press 1 for sales.. etc.” Also, receive and send faxes via email. 800 numbers are available.

Skype – Free calling to 200+ countries. Cheap local phone numbers.

Google Voice – Free local phones, cheap overseas calling rates. Voicemail to email transcription service.

Social Media Management

Hootsuite – Schedule and automate the posting to your social media accounts. – Less than $10/mo.

Time Management – Virtual tme management/tracking for employees -costs 10% of their pay. – Detailed graphs ans reports on how productive you are based on what site you visit and what programs you use. Free.

Roboform – Not a time manager, just a time saver. One click to get into all of your password-protected areas. $29.99/year


Skip Salesforce. It’s all there, but it’s a waste of money. $600/year/user.
Try ZoHo (Free, and $10/mo.) or Freecrm… You can customize these to do almost everything Salesforce can.

Predictive Dialers and Mass Text Messaging Services

Five9 -Hit 100’s of numbers in minutes by phone.

EZ Texting – One cent per text… Inbound and outbound. API functionality.

-For a quick paycheck on the internet:

-If you don’t have an idea for a business, but want to sell something:

-The best internet marketing forum

-Save time, store your passwords:

-How to outsource:

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