Why NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is More Dangerous Than President Obama

(Published Jan. 1, 2013)
diblasThe man to the right is Mayor-elect of New York City, Bill de Blasio. A man who campaigned as a “true progressive.” A self-described “progressive” is not what NYC is used to.

After two decades of Republican leadership, Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Republican turned Independent), and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, it looks like the residents of NYC are finally getting a change.

Mayor Bloomberg came in with a business background. He was known for his hard position on banning guns and large sodas in the city. While New Yorkers supported his stance on guns, the soda ban got national attention. The late night shows, John Stossel, Sarah Palin, and New Yorkers all poked fun at the Big Gulp ban. However, the ban was soon struck down by NY state court.

Now, Bill de Blasio is a massive change! He is a bold, fresh change to the views of Bloomberg and Giuliani. His predecessors were tough on crime and fiscally conservative.  De Blasio’s top priorities are cancelling NYPD’s “frisk if suspicious” policy and implementing a radical, new, fiscal liberalism.   He campaigned with the slogan, “Tale of Two Cities”- highlighting the wealth gap between poor and wealthy New Yorkers.

His main campaign goal? An income tax on the wealthy earning over $500k to fund education among other things.

Bill de Blasio is the “outspoken redistributor” Obama wishes he could be. Let me explain. Bill proudly states that his main goal is income redistribution. Most modern-day conservatives would call him, “socialist.”

Unlike de Blasio, Obama is more timid. The President redistributes wealth disguised as “Affordable Care” or “Stimulus” while de Blasio proudly uses his income-redistribution stances in advertising simply “to reduce the wealth gap.”

Bill de Blasio’s Campaign Slogan: “A Tale of Two Cities”
President Obama’s Slogan: “Change”

What if Obama stated the main goal of Obamacare was to “close the wealth gap?” Well, I don’t think he would’ve been re-elected in 2012. However, New Yorkers are a different breed; A breed among the most liberal-leaning in the country. Residents of New York feel no shame in forcing rich people to pay a higher percentage tax rate. The same residents overwhelmingly supported marriage equality. If “equality” is the constitutionally-mandated principle, why is it missing from tax reform?

What if the income gap was not being caused by the rich? What if the income gap was caused by changing demographics? What if the gap was caused by culture, families, and things outside of the control of the government? …With all that, New Yorkers still want to punish those who got educated, worked hard, and will make money in 2014.

Here’s Bill de Blasio saying his tax will not cause rich to “flee New York.” In the video he says, a tax increase of $2,000 will have minimal affect. Bill-Is it really about how much you tax? He is forgetting the principles of the constitution. How about we re-instate “freedom” and “equality,” rather than class warfare?

(Keep in mind wealthy New Yorkers already pay a 4% city income tax, and 8.82% state income tax)

Bill knows better. Of course, in a city of 8.3 million, some will flee. If Mayor de Blasio follows Mayor Giuliani’s ambitions, a President de Blasio would change the face of America forever.

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